Orit Shnider

Born in Israel, multi - disciplinary artist, a member of The Israel Painters and 
Sculptors Association (since 1996) and owner of the title “Haifa’s Honor Artist”.
Orit holds a diploma in graphic design (WIZO College of Design, Haifa) and is
certified as a qualified teacher of arts.
Orit taught in a special education elementary school "EYAL" in Akko and at
"AMAL" High School which is located in Nahariya. She worked for the Ministry
of Education as an external examiner of design and painting at kibbutz Evron.
For over 25 years Orit has been teaching in community centers and has achieved
a lot of appreciation from her students and the people who surround her.


Orit Shneider, an Israeli artist, who creates diverse art:

"Naturally, I am connected to the beauty that surrounds us – to the creation,
to the views and the nature. In my art work, I examine the reality, observe the
shape, texture and color and create as I disassemble and reassemble it.
I use different materials and techniques, as long as they serve the idea and the
design. In my creation I use colors and other materials such as rocks, branches,
pieces of wood, copper, fabrics and glass. As a person who was born and lives
in Israel, in a conflicted society that is in a continuous struggle for our existence
as a country, I respond and share my opinion through my creation as I wish
for order, peace  and harmony".

The Chairman of The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association, Dr. Zvika Israel
wrote about Orit in 1998:
"Orit belongs to a younger group in our community of artists, she is completely
cohesive and mature, that is well reflected in her modern creation and speaks
for itself. As a post-modern artist, her ambition and direction is differen from
the approach of the classic and realistic artists. Orit is a creator, who doesn’t
stop looking for new paths, examines visual study and work; has a different
perception of space and yet stays ethical and moral as she wishes to
“fix the world” and hopes for better reality".